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Doctors of Madness - Part 2

This is the second lp of the US issue of both Doctors of Madness lp's. Unless there are some single tracks missing, this plus my other post is their entire output. Since the album jacket, the record labels, and AMG all have slightly different ideas about what is where, I'm honestly not sure how these tracks align with the original British lp issues.

Like the other DoM post a couple weeks ago, this is a more-punky-than-usual late glam album. It reminds me a lot of Cockney Rebel, but less whiny and fey. Dig it.

Hi PLO thanks again for shining the light at one of the most important pre punk bands.Here:
-is where you go to learn about their THREE great albums-plus the Japanese live album makes four. The singer/guitarist Kid Strange was 2 meters high with blue hair,a signal of things to come-they challenged your musical tastes-not unlike Cockney Rebel.Buy Kid Strange's book and read all about it!
this is sooooo awesome. thanks for all the killer stuff man \m/
Hi, thanks for all the great music.

Original Brit issues of D.O.M. albums (incl. track listing) were as follows:

Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms (Polydor 1976)

1. Afterglow
2. Mitzi's Cure
3. I Think We're Alone
4. Waiting
5. The Noises Of The Evening
6. Billy Watch Out
7. Mainlines

Figments of Emancipation (Polydor 1976)

1. Brothers
2. Suicide City
3. Perfect Past
4. Marie And Joe
5. In Camera
6. Doctors Of Madness
7. Out

Sons of Survival (Polydor 1978)

1. 50's Kids
2. Into The Strange
3. No Limits
4. Bulletin
5. Network
6. Sons Of Survival
7. Back From The Dead
8. Triple Vision
9. Kiss Goodbye Tomorrow
10. Cool

US twin album (1st 2 UK albums released as double, United Artists)

Revisionism (Polydor, 1981)
----------Compilation of 1st Three albums

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