Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The LA Blues

Rising Sons

The Rising Sons were an early LA group that included Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder. They were signed to Columbia about the same time as the Byrds, but their album was rejected, and the band disappeared. Too bad for them.

You can hear why this album wasn't released at the time. It was very bluesy, at a time when that wasn't cool. This album straddles folk, rock, blues, and even country influences in a way that would have been hot about two years later, but was flat bizarre when it was recorded. That, and Taj Mahal hadn't quite mastered pitch control yet. Although, to be fair, he probably didn't get much of a chance to fix the vocals in the studio, either.

The first time I heard this, mostly I heard Taj going on and off key. The more I listened, though, the better this got. Now, I consider this to be one of my favorites of the era, easily the equal of better regarded garage records. I think it kicks the shit out of the Butterfield Blues Band, for instance.

fantastic! any possibility of a tracklist?
1. Thanks as ever!

2. here you go for the tracklist:
Please, Sir? Some Nashville West?
Fantastic music & Great blog.

The Url given by anonymous is too long for the blogger template...So now it's clickable:

Rising Sons Info
and also the front cover.
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