Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Post some Heldon records, bloggers

Richard Pinhas - East West

I've been silent here for a couple days. Rapidshare has been bouncing me out for some reason. They seem to be up and running OK today, though.

This is a solo record from the guy from the French band Heldon. If you haven't heard them, you really should. They were a monster. Nice combo of synths and acoustic instruments. Sort of a proto-Spiritualized, without the Phil Spector bombastic stuff.

I've seen this one get panned here and there, but I disagree. It is much more toward the electronic end of the Heldon balance, but that is not a bad thing. Much like Cluster, this record seems to be bridging the gap between the 70's electronic music ghetto and the 80's synth pop sound. It's certainly worth a listen if you dig the Moog like I dig the Moog.

Part of the reason for this post is to continue to beg other bloggers to put up the Heldon records. The late and lamented Archigram had the second and fourth ones. Maybe the rest of you could help me out with the others. Heldon never existed in the states, so I can't find them anywhere.

Thanks, rockers.


Damn!, it's been deleted from rapidshare already :(

will it be re uploaded elsewhere?
uhh. Maybe I'll put it up again in a few weeks. Gotta grab 'em fast with this #$#%#! new Rapidshare policy, I guess.
another request for a re-post. thanks!
...and another reuest for re-up!!!

Thx for all, especially for Heldon!!!

Can someone put heldon's last album "stand by" please ? Thank you !
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