Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Proto-Fonzie?

Stud Cole - Burn Baby Burn

Stud Cole was about the last of the rockabilly cats, making singles into the mid-to-late '60's. By that time, it must have been hard to find a band willing or able to put down a convincing hickerbilly thump. So instead, he hired the stoners down the block.

The result could be a great crash-up of 50's and 60's styles. Sort of like the Gino Washington stuff. It falls a bit short, though.

There are some points where the band coughs up a cool garage menace, but Stud's C-minus vocals always bring them back to earth. If you like really weird, give this a try. If you like technique and style, give it a pass.

Hey I was one of those stoners that played on Studs song! we were all friends and he was cool just way to ahead of his time!
The link is dead. Can you repost it?
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