Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Astral, Sort of

Tax Free

This is the band Wally Tax put together after the Outsiders. It was probably the best selling thing he ever did, as it had distribution in the states, if not the world.

Clearly, Polydor thought something would come of this. They donated session bassist Richard Davis (from Mingus and Astral Weeks) and John Cale to the sessions. They used Electric Lady right after it opened. All set for greatness to ensue.

It didn't though. This album for me never takes off and flies. Tax was really good at the dark garage psych mood stuff. But he didn't have the most rangy voice. These soft rock arrangements don't play to his strength at all.

The best parts of this album are where they let Richard Davis throw down sub-Astral Weeks bass-led arrangements. That's maybe half the album. The most countryish stuff is really mediocre.

If you haven't heard the Outsiders, start with their two albums. If you've lived with those for a long time, give this a try to see if you like it. I'd love to hear from anyone who does - maybe I'm missing something here.

from marcus
i listned to fred lane pataphisycal revue, not bad! there is also a version of the italian classic "volare"!
tba, please, re-post the first album you posted, the link don't work anymore.
thanx & bye
I'll try to get that one up this week, Marcus. Thanks for your frequent comments.
Years ago i met Wally after a Bob Dylan concert in Amsterdam.De concert was not so good ,but talking with Wally make my evening very good!
Greetings from Arthur and please go on with your great music!
I had the same reaction to Tax Free, as a big Outsiders freak I was stunned to run across Tax Free at a record fair with John Cale on it to boot! But the album just doesn't connect with me, it's a bit lifeless somehow. Sadly a lot of Wally's solo stuff is the same...but oh the Outsiders...

An absoulte gem of a site, cheers.

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