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Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Zero Time

This is the record I was trying to upload the last time I tried to get Rapidshare to re-up my account. I was so sad about losing all those links, all that time, etc, that I shut the doors for a bit to recharge my batteries. Now I'm back.

I heard this one on the stereo at the used record store a month or so ago, and remembered how cool it was. These guys were the synth programmers who helped Stevie Wonder with his early-70's records, and later worked with Gil Scott-Heron on some of his best stuff.

This one has a bit of that relaxed burpy funk feel, along with some of the spacy drift that you might predict from the cover. It is kind of unique, then, among electronic records of the time.

This is my first shot at this Quicksharing site. Please give feedback if you like or dislike the performance.

Thanks for this one. Link worked perfectly. Here's the review from AMG:
Zero Time is one of the first — and perhaps best of — all electronic albums. Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil, under the alias of T.O.N.T.O.'s Expanding Head Band, created this analog marvel on T.O.N.T.O. — "The Original New Timbral Orchestra." The pristine synth washes are crisp and clear. Margouleff and Cecil forged a new sound with a digital feeling. Oddly, this instrument was embraced and used extensively by Motown artists. Steve Hillage used it on Motivation Radio, and Devo used it quite often. (Cecil produced and engineered a number of their albums.) The rest of the rock & roll community ignored it. For historical purposes, this rare and collectible album is essential. For musical integrity, it still stands the test of time and is essential. It is a classic with no real peers, but it will appeal to fans of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Wendy Carlos, and Fripp & Eno in terms of its uniqueness and legacy.
Nice site. I downloaded the rising sons and being new to pc's , I wonder what program I need to download to be able to hear a .rar file?
awaiting your advice.

Cool stuff!!


I use winRAR to compress and open .rar files. It seems to work pretty well, and it's free.
Ahhhh an old favourite from my teenage doper days. Thanks very much for this!
Any suggestions for a virus free winrar version, anyone?

from marcus
thanx for this one!!
quicksharing works like this with me: 22 mins and between 37 and 46 kbs.


thanks for the rare and oop title that you've posted in your blog.
I'm in search of Chrome - Visitation, any change to post it?

Thanks in avance
I don't have that Chrome album, sorry.
Thanks for Zero Time ----- great post!!!!
Tonight decided to record Tonto but found first cut has bad scratches. So went blog fishing and here I am. Thanks for the share, saving me time and helping replace my albums cut one. Also the uploader it good and fast. Cheers my friend. I am thaiskylab.
I had much pleasure to re-visit this LP, it was one of a range in the electronic arena; e.g. the Moog Synth and Polyphonic used in production of the Tonto LP... its relative the Moog was used extensively by Walter Carlos, to become Wendy Carlos after the first album or so; not sure of the LP release sequence, but Switched-On Bach with Brandenburg Concerto No3... Switched-On Bach II... The Well-Tempered Synthesizer had more J.S. Bach, Monteverdi, Scarlatti, and Handel... Switched-On Brandenburg's had Concerto's # 1, 2, & 6... these all had amazing sonic range and really showed how with expertise and much time consuming analogue adjustment, with magnetic tape multi-track recording, Wendy Carlos produced something very special.

Just to add, other LP's came from her work with the Moog. Sonic Seasons was a dreamy slide through the year, atmospheric in its interpretation; there was a Ken Kubrick venture for film score in the Clockwork Orange, where she produced some original music e.g. Timesteps, Orange Minuet, Biblical Daydreams and Country Lane; the remaining scores were re-working of Beethoven Ninth Symphony, Purcell's Funeral for Queen Mary, The Thieving Magpie, and William Tell Overture... Clockwork Orange LP has been released on CD, along with the Switched-On series re-masted, and a 25th anniversary CD called Switched-On Bach 2000, although not with the Moog Synthesizer.

Here on this side of the pond Old Jersey, closer to France than England, a limited source of electronic music came my way, but Tonto's Expanding Headband was one that I enjoyed at the time, between 1975 to 80 period; now much older at 57, I found it still has that some-thing it had back then, thanks to your great efforts and time I was able to down-load and burn onto CD for future enjoyment, my grateful thanks to you.

By the way, the album came with a poster of an Egyptian scene, showing the story of Pharaohs journey through the under world; I still have the poster on display a little faded now, also there was an album before Tonto's Expanding Headband just called Tonto and think, I had this one too... after a search on the Web I found that a CD was produced in 1996 called, Tonto Rides Again, it has tracks from the first album and others I don't recall, but the old memory no-doubt is the problem... anyway the listed tracks are below:

1. Cybernaut. 2. Jetsex. 3. Timewhys. 4. Avrora. 5. Riversong. 6. Tama. 7. Ferryboat. 8. Pyramodal.
9. Cameltrain. 10. Judgementor. 11. Freeflight. 12. Tontomotion. 13. Tranquillium.

For something very different, I have been looking for a jazz item, by Ahmad Jamal, from his Night Song album, its (Deja Vu). No longer obtainable in Jersey or the UK, if you come across this item some time, please do up-load it.
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