Saturday, November 25, 2006

Border Town Psych

Sir Douglas Quintet - Honkey Blues

This is the first record by Sir Doug and the boys after relocating out to the west coast (I think). For my money, it's the best thing that they ever did. And that's saying something, because I'm a big fan.

This record hits a ton of different styles, but never feels like it is showing off. The country, Tex-Mex, free jazz, and psych touches all fall into a pleasant laid-back mix. Unlike a lot of the things we put up for grabs over here at PLO, this isn't a hard record to listen to, at all.

you are the hardest working man in the blogworld
Wow! Thanks for this one, TBA!! It's one of my favorites, and my vinyl copy is played to s**t after all these decades. I was playing rock and blues and r&b in San Francisco in the late 60s (still work as a musician, more the "black tie" variety) and heard Sir Doug a few times, knew lots of other players who knew him, did session work in the same studio he recorded in, etc. etc. Good memories!!

John Tenney
TBA, I wrote the preceding comment while the album was in the process of downloading. I hadn't dared to dream of unreleased tracks! "Linda Lu"! Thank you thank you.


PS You know an album called "Together After Five"? Maybe not quite as good as Honkey Blues, but every bit as much forgotten.
I don't have that one, sorry
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