Tuesday, November 14, 2006

By Request

Michael Yonkers - Microminiature Love

This was an album and change recorded in 1968 for a potential record deal. Stuff this obscure doesn't land a record deal, even in the bizarro world of the late '60's. Especially if you are from Minnesota.

SubPop put this one out about four years ago, only to see most of the copies turn up remaindered. Oh well. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Time didn't really catch up to this one.

There are a couple things to like here. The homebuilt electronics are kinda neat, and some of the songs get a sort of Pere Ubu-ish weirdness. But the lack of melody and hook, along with weak vocals combine to leave this a back-bencher.

I'd love to hear dissenting opinions on this one. A lot of people seemed to like this, and I feel like I'm missing the boat here.


There was no boat to miss. I just don't think it's a good album!
I agree - I don't really get the appeal...
haha i love this album.
however, i have a weird affinity for all things that foreshadowed punkrock
thank you for posting!
I have the Sub Pop reissue and I think it's excellent! Not every track is genius but there are a few great ones ....
Not all the tunes are great some are annoying, some are flat out awesome.
and oh yeah, thanks for turning me on
Downloaded the "Microminiature Love" and "Sold America" tracks from Epitonic a few years ago and thought (think) they were brilliant in a Daniel Johnston without the self-pity kind of way.
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