Friday, November 24, 2006

Filthy Sacrilege

Sun City Girls - The Handsome Stranger

This is a bit of a diversion from the usual SCG record. Much of it is made up of spoken word narrations by the drummer, who sounds like a real-life version of that character that Tom Waits always plays. These narrations are absolutely filthy, describing a love affair between John Wilkes Booth and John Kennedy.

If you are new to the SCG cannon, they are one of the most interesting and varied bands in America. They cover a lot of different Western and non-Western styles without seeming contrived or dull. They also incorporate punky attitude and a surreal sense of humor without seeming like a goof. This is a good place to get started with them, really.

If any of you jokers has Horse Cock Phephner, can you post it? I've been in search of that one.

Hey, cool blog, I have Horse Cock Phepner and a whole lot more if you're interested. Don't suppose you have the new SCG 'Piano Bar'/'For Drummers Only'?
I don't have either. I've only got a couple others from them. One is a double-live cassette from the 80's, which might be kinda cool.

HCP would kick ass, if you could slip me a link.
I'll rip HCP for you this weekend, VERY interested in the live cassette and any others, which titles do you have?
It looks like I might have purged a couple of the CD's I had. I have the one I posted and Torch of the Mystics on CD. Skinny Arab Lights the Torch on VHS. Two cassette runs from mid-80's that I'll have to hunt down, and I don't know the name of. I'll work on getting one of those cassettes up - it's really fun
I can up the two new LPs if you want.
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