Wednesday, November 08, 2006

French for Gong

Ame Son - Catalyse

This is an album I've seen compared to Gong in a few places. True, it came out on the BYG label, and I think Daevid Allen may have been involved at some level. But it really doesn't sound too much like Gong to me.

A better comparison might be Magma. Or maybe an early fusion record minus the flashy chops. The drumming here is very free jazz, but the flute kills it in places, and the vocals do too.

I'll give this one a solid B, a B+ if I'm in a good mood. Uploaded by request. NWW approved.

wow thanks, have been looking a long time for this. fantastic post.
Actually Allen and Ame Son bassist and Drummer had played together in 1968 in a band then known as Banana Moon, recording demos and a few avant garde film soundtracks before Allen formed the first incarnation of Gong.
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