Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Going Soon

My account ends in about a week. Going away will be the following: Lori Burton, Rising Sons, Stud Cole, Merry-Go-Round, New Tweedy Bros, Danny ben-Israel, Wm Burroughs, and Attila. Grab them this week, while you can.

Unless anyone knows how to transfer them from one to the other.

from marcus
is it possible to re-upload fred lane"from the one you cut you"?
i listened to car radio jerome and i'm curious for his second LP.
thanx in advance!
right click on the d/l link in your .de account. click properties, copy the link there. go to .com account, click remote upload, paste the link in and press start remote upload. sit back and wait a minute or two and that should see you right.
Not only does the saviour have the baddest-ass records on the net, he's got the tip to save me links. Hooray, saviour!
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