Thursday, November 16, 2006


More of the Same

Heldon V - Un Reve Sans Consequence

This is the last of the Heldon records I've got for posting. It's a vinyl rip from the original release. This album is very similar to Heldon VI. AMG and some other sources I've looked at call this the best Heldon record. I disagree - I like the first three the best, because they are not as tied down by the fusion drumming. Still, this is a kick-ass record, and you should download it if you like 70's space rock at all.

Could you please re-upload Vinnie Bell - Pop Goes the Electric Sitar??? Is it as good as Okko's Sitar and Electronics?
Better. Okko is kinda hard for me to get through - too hip to be loungy, too unhip to be cool. The Vinnie Bell is straight cheesy, smooth music for smooth people. I'll start the upload this morning.
Hola amigo desde chile un saludo y agradecimiento por este gran disco
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