Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No Post Today

Rapidshare problems again. Apparently, the servers won't accept Viv Stanshall for who he was. I'll get back to work when I figure it out, or else move back to another provider.

If you are a regular PLO reader, give me a shout out, will ya? Tell me what downloads you've enjoyed (or not), and where you are writing from. I've got a sense that some of you aren't English speakers, but I'm not at all clear how far the message spreads. The fun of sharing is in the discussion, so keep it moving.

from marcus
yes, i confess: i'm not english! you discover me.
i'm not american too.
i came from the land of the poets, marines and saints...
chris from connecticut

i've loved all the protopunk and weird psych, but i'm pretty much with you on everything
from marcus
i forgotten the albums i liked to download(in no particular order):Debris, the turkish stuffs, David ackles, Godz, Cromagnon, kim fowley(the one with the shortest title)and others that now i don't remeber,sorry.
Hi there
From the UK, I've been enjoying mainly the psych type stuff but I massively loved the 'Cake' LP.

Your blog's become one of my favorites...lots of jewels! I like the weird stuff best.
Being from Wisconsin, I like the cheese. And the weird stuff. Your posts crack me up. I must say, the sitar-ification of "Somewhere My Love" on Vinnie Bell's epic is something I'm glad to have experienced in my lifetime. I expected a sitar schmaltz-o-rama and it did not disappoint. The only thing I didn't like was that my wife didn't clear out of the room fast enough when I put it on. Oh well...
I really dig your site man. It has some great rarities that I've never heard of before. I've downloaded the Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble, Fred Lane, Selda, The Godz, Ame Son and Tonto's Expanding Head Band. Really digging the Milford Graves, Fred Lane and Ame Son. Your blog is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing such great stuff. Please let me share some back with you. Check out my blog and download some stuff.

c-ya Kevin

Rich from Chardmanlandia, USSA.
I'm an american speaker, not English.
I have enjoyed many of your posts and writeups.
I especially apreciated the Fred lane and Wild Man Fischer posts.
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