Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Pillows of Cotton For Your Ears

The Smoke

I consider this record, along with the Left Banke and Millenium stuff, to be the absolute peak of the popsike craft. There's just so much here to like - hooks, chipper harmonies, good orchestrations.

Of course, this is namby as hell. Your friends will make fun of you if they catch you listening to it. But piss on them, that pseudo-Ramones fake-Fonzie rockabilly crap that comes out now is shite anyhoo. The Smoke is the real deal.

Not to be confused with the UK Smoke or any of the other Smokes that smoked at the time. This one is the Michael Lloyd version. For those who don't know Michael Lloyd, he's done some bad-ass stuff. Starting with the WCPAEB, through October Country all the way to the Osmonds Plan album (upcoming post, if I can find a decent copy - they're always beat to hell).

Dig the majesty.


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What an outstanding LP! Thanks so much for sharing. I had only previously heard 3-4 different cuts from this album and couldn't wait to hear the remaining songs. You are absolutely right about so many different things to like. Great songcraft and harmonies!

Do you happen to have the LP from The Match - "A New Light"? It would rack up nicely next to the Smoke LP.

Just discovered your blog today. I will definitely be back.

Thanks again!
Amazing album! Never even heard of this band before.
Would someone recommend more albums in this vein
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Hi to the anonymous looking for more music like this, if you're still checking the comments. You're best bet is to check out the various projects of Michael Brown in the late sixties and early seventies ... by which I mean early Left Banke, early Stories, and the terrific Montage album. Also of course bands like the Zombies and Millenium. Good luck.
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