Friday, November 24, 2006

Re-up: Armand Schaubroeck - A Lot of People Would Like to See AS Dead

This lp is utter genius. Vinyl rip, CD's don't exist.

Fascinating stuff, but lacking in onfo. I assume it's a double album, due to the fact that there are 2 each of tracks 2 through 10. Any chance of a tracklist?
Google is your friend... try it. :)
I really appreciate this....thanks man. These rips sound great!
I know this blog is pretty much orphaned, but thanks very much for this!
so bizarre- i was just reminiscing to a friend a week or so ago about having seen a used copy of this record back when i was 19 (thats back in 1970... er... something). thanks for posting it.
ratfucker is one of my favorite albums, i'm excited to hear this one
why are there only 12 tracks on this album? Aren't there so supposed to be like 20 something?
my friend has this on vinyl, it's awesome. i love the picture on the cover. he has ratfucker too and i think he met armand.
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