Friday, November 10, 2006

Re-up Series Continues

Check back later today, I'll probably add one or two more. Keep the requests coming.

Great posts. Is it possible to post the Brute Force album again?
Yeah, I'll try to get to that one soon. It's a personal favorite.
Cheers for your efforts and providing us with that good music!

But if any possibility, please use sth like quickshare instead of rapid.

Thanx, Joshua
Just got the Brute Force album. Thank you so much!
Really love your site! thanks for all the great music. I had just discovered this world of blog music posting just days before you lost all your files, but really thought PLO was the cream of the crop - i mean i really enjoy the way you write about the albums and its highly diverse. didnt get a chance to dowload anything - but was pretty interested in hearing Debris and Taist of Metal. i mean theres a whole bunch of albums i was interested in. but those two come to mind.
Thanks again.
Thanx very much for keeping my request and reposting Gabor Szabo
My all time favourite

Thanx Again
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