Friday, November 24, 2006

Requiem For the Rockets

The Rockets

The self-titled record by the Rockets is remembered, if at all, as the launching pad for Crazy Horse. Fair enough, in the sense that Billy, Ralphy, and Danny were all in the band. But this record is better than you might think.

It is kind of unique for the time. It has a laid-back country feel, but not too country. It goes off into psychedelic modal stuff, but keeps song structure. It gets kinda bluesy, but not annoyingly so.

The closest thing to this I've heard is another band who became a big deal in the early 70's - that Hour Glass project with the Allmans in it. Both seem to have a foot in the 60's underground and one in the early 70's mega-rock. Both are much better than their reputation, I think.

The secret weapon on this one is the violin playing. It gives the album a cool added dimension. Another unexpected thing is the busy bass playing - by the time he got to Crazy Horse, Billy simplified it a ton.

Make sure you hear Pill's Blues before you make a decision on this one. It's really cool.

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