Monday, November 06, 2006

Stick It To the Man!


Selda was a Turkish rock singer. The only female one I've ever heard. This is her first full-length album.

This is one of my favorites from that country. It's got it all - searing fuzz leads, sing-songy lyrics, primitive synths, chugging rhythms. If you dig any of the other Turkish stuff, give this a try.

I understand that Selda was a very controversial figure, and that some of these songs tweak the man. I've read other people compare her to Joan Baez, but Joannie never kicked it like this.

from marcus
could you please tell me other singer/bands from turkey (or similar)like this, that you've posted?
I have posted Erkin Koray and Mogollar already. I'll also recommend Baris Manco, Cem Karaca, and the Turkish Delights compilation.
Is this a rip from the original vinyl? The finderrskeepers reissue seems to have extra bonus tracks.
Edip Akbayram is another excellent Turkish psych legend, there is a very good 2cd comp on shadoks, you can find on
Not really original vinyl. Probably grey market bootleg.
from marcus
sorry but i found only Erkin Koray and Mogollar in your blog; maybe you never posted Manco, Karaca and Turkish comp?(maybe i didn't undestand well..)

from marcus
hi,i've found this on, i think a turkish blog.
it's the turkish delight compilation!!
after i found
Cem Karaca - Die Kanaken (1984)-i don't konw if it is good(TBA tell us!) it was on the same blog!
normally all the links work!
from marcus
it's weird rapidshare!
when you put the links in the address, the links don't work, but when you click on it by the , the links work!
...good advice, click them by the turkish site!
from marcus
unfortunately the 3rd part of turkish delights has expired...
you'll find some turkish albums here:
Thanks for all the comments, Marcus. Glad to help you get excited about some stuff you haven't heard before. That's what this is all about.
from marcus
thanx for the site,mr anonymous!!
wow i'm really excited!

More Turkish garage/beat/psych/prog albums/comps @
This is a great find! Thanks very much. Selda (who is in her mid to late 50s and a physicist by education) is still in the music business, releasing mostly acoustic stuff. Although her voice has aged a bit, she is still great!
Here is a link to her 2006 album.
Here is that link again in parts. Just put them together with no spaces.
Hello ,

I've looked for this album a long time ago , i listened just to Meydan Sizindir , and it blows my mind!

Any chance to got a copy of this album?

Thank you very much!
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