Monday, November 06, 2006


Synth Rock Dorks, Unite

Heldon - Interface

By now, frequent visitors have heard me rant about Heldon from time to time. They were a French synth band that I think were every bit the equal of Kraftwerk, Neu, or Cluster. Pretty high praise coming from PLO.

This isn't my favorite Heldon record (II is), but it's right up there. By the late-70's, they had gone to a pretty heavy prog drum sound. It is kind of strange to hear a live and excessive drummer pounding down behind the space rock of the day, but it makes this kind of unique. The way the electronics and guitar mix in this one really drive it home, though.

And like that, my Rapidshare account magically reappeared. Ours is not to question why, just to revel in the fact that at least a dozen of my old links are safe. I'd write some sort of "PLO rising from the dead" comment, but I'd probably end up getting snagged by the man over it, especially so close to election day.

Damn you, Rapidshare! My account disappeared again, even as my credit card went through. I'll be back to posting soon.
Truly as great as you said it was. Love it! Im a huge fan of Neu! and Harmonia, etc. fits the bill while being completely different. GREAT! Thanks a bunch.
Drew -

Find the first and third Heldons here:

The second one is here:

Grab 'em fast before they time out. They are both better than the one you've got, I think.
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