Thursday, November 23, 2006

Utterly Average Folk-Rock!

Paul Martin

This self-titled vinyl only release compiles both sides of Martin's two singles, and about 15 late 60's demo recordings. All the Paul Martin you'll ever need in one place.

Paul was a folk-rock singer straight from central casting. Long hair, acoustic guitar strapped on his back, Beatle boots, the whole shtick. Vanguard had a half-dozen just like him at the time.

What makes this one interesting nearly 40 years hence is the arrangements on these songs. His demos are tricked out with little 4-track mini-symphonies. They remind me most of all of Lou Christie records from the same period - hyperactive, heavy on detail, the Bronx woman background singers. Another good comparison would be the Jeff Monn record from about the same time, as they share a nice garagey edge.

Where this stumbles is in the song writing. Look at those song titles. Without Your Love. The Last Remains of Our Love. How Many Tears Must I Cry. Someone get this kid a Dylan rekkid!

I'll give this one a 9 on the obscurity meter and a 5 on quality. For fans of the genre only.

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