Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Welcome Back, Shimmy-Disc

Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome

Seeing a new Shimmy-Disc release (now called Second Shimmy) reminded me that someone had requested this a month or so ago. Sorry to forget about it in the whole site shakeup. Here it is.

At one point in time, a new Shimmy-Disc was cause for celebration. At a time when the rest of the world was cranking out shit at the rate of the Fat Bastard with Ulcerative Colitis, SD was actually making some neat stuff for a few years at the end of the 1980's.

Or so I thought at the time. Frankly, a lot of their releases sound awfully thin and crappy in retrospect. I just tried to listen to 20 minutes of Double Bummer a couple weeks ago, and couldn't do it. I think some of the more obscure stuff would send me reaching for the stop button in seconds.

This one, though, does hold up. I think it is partly because it suffers the least from the thin early digital production values and solid-state guitar tones that bust a lot of the other releases. Also, though, this shit is so out there that it still sounds pretty outside to modern ears.

I hadn't listened to this more than a couple times since the dawn of the '90's, yet still these songs play in my head if I let them. White Woman, Car Radio Jerome, Hittite Hot-Shot - I'll be likely to burst into song with at least one of these per week for the rest of my life.

If you tried the other Fred Lane last month, this is the (slightly) more accessible version. The pop song Reverend. If the guy who has the Ron Pate / Fred Lane one reads this: yes, PLEASE post it. Enjoy.

Bless you! I have this on vinyl and no turntable.Haven't heard it in years...
Hey, love your blog. Here's the Ron Pate's Debonairs disc -- not my upload, found it on SFRP.
Dough - you are fricken money! Thanks for the link. I've been waiting hundreds of years to hear that.
thanks, man...
Thanks so much.
And ditto on Shimmy releases. It's funny to think that back in the day, Kramer was THE producer. I think even though some are interesting - his mixes are muddled and tinny. He also remixed the Shockabilly back catalog, making them sound horrible and omitting many nice sounds and samples.
splendid! I thank you sir.
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