Sunday, November 26, 2006

We're Gonna Tear the House Down

Memphis Goons - Teenage BBQ

The Memphis Goons should by all rights be completely forgotten. They banged out a few songs onto a cassette tape between 70 and 72, probably while still in high school. None of them dented vinyl, let alone the charts. Even if they had been formally recorded and released, songs like "Tootin in America" probably weren't going to cast a long shadow in a world where Cat Stevens was king.

But one of these guys became a real-live rock critic (Robot Hull, Creem Magazine), and somehow these tapes made it to CD. Hell, they probably even sold 50 to 100 of 'em.

What a CD this is! Recorded in a time when extended solos, political concerns and technical brilliance carried the day, none of that is on display here. Instead, this inhabits a place that was pretty empty at the time - a smart guys who like dumb stuff region later to be staked out by the Dictators and the Ramones. Take that Joey and Handsome Dick, these Goons was here first!

Let's just say that these guys haven't seen fire, nor seen rain. Though they might have seen a lot of monster movies and Three Stooges shorts. These tracks are the audio equivalent of an Ed Wood movie - longer on ideas than technique. In fact, several of them barely hold together at all. This can make it hard to listen to more than a few tracks at once, but do give it a chance.

According to legend, there are 50 or more hours of tapes of songs that these guys wrote. This is almost certainly bullshit. But still, there had been rumor a few years ago about a box set in the works. I'll bet it would be a gas.

I've never seen this stocked in a store, but there do seem to be a few copies around for order on the net. Do order one - if they sell a lot of them, maybe there'll be more.

from marcus
thanx for Armand Schaubroeck! now i want to try sir douglas..
i heard that this is maybe a hoax, but i couldn't really find much

do you know anything about that?
I've read that, but I doubt it, if for nothing else because of the recording technology. If it is a hoax, they put one over on me.
this band is no hoax. I met one of them once in texas. They recorded all that stuff when they where in high school in memphis, tenn I beleive. There's some singles and cassettes floating around somewhere of other material. All released in the 90s.
Primitive boogie crap! I love it! No way is this a hoax.
There was also a cassette tape named "Voodoo Village" issued by Bobby J records in Texas that Robot Hull himself declared to be the most essential Memphis Goons document. The guy who wrote the Whump Magazine article (additional great Goons track on the bonus record with that zine) went thru ten hours of Goons tapes and selected some material that is prescient of Sonic Youth even.. only a couple songs overlap with Teenage BBQ if memeory serves//
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