Monday, November 27, 2006


You Call That Singing?!?

Patty Waters - College Tour

Patty Waters is a strangely underrated jazz vocalist. When you do hear about her, it's usually in the perjorative context.

I could give two shits about most jazz vocalists - mannered, fake swinging, lounge club crap. The local jazz station runs that stuff 22 hours a day, and I hate it. They should play more Patty Waters.

Patty very rarely sings. Instead, she whispers, she shrieks, she makes noises that sound like Albert Ayler's horn, she makes orgasm noises, etc. There's really nothing else like her. Yoko at her best (and that's frequently, you Beatle fans) hits the scream end, but not the soft stuff.

This won't be for everybody, but if you like outside jazz, this might be a big hit. I'd love to know why she fell out of circulation right after this came out. Anyone?

from marcus
have you got also from her "sings", 1065, esp records? it would be wonderful!
from marcus
ehm...from 1965...
The first one is here:

Not my link, so thanks to the anon guy from Arkansas who put it up originally.
from marcus
many thanx again! wow, great day today!
from marcus
"song of everything"(track 3)from sir douglas is super cool!listen to it Palestinian guyz and tell me!
from marcus
great album by patty waters! TBA, could you know if this issue is before or after "Sings"(1965)? I found that on the album you've posted there is more free jazz/improv/noise(?) than "sings", wich is more calm and quite(but not less good). I like the two!
yeah, very spooky! who is diamanda galas?
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