Friday, December 01, 2006

Cpl. Pepper

Peter and Gordon - Hot and Cold Custard

At the butt-end of the 1960's, the beat groups were having the damndest time trying to keep up with changing times. Pet Sounds, Sgt. Pepper, Marshall stacks, what were a poncey-ass duo like Peter and Gordon supposed to do?

Right, they were supposed to make a psychedelic album. If Sgt. Pepper was the Beatles jumping headlong into the brave new world of experimentation, this is Pete and Gordo sticking a cautious toe into the same pool.

That pull between early 60's pop hooks and goofy never-been-experienced-psych-pop makes for a pretty unique record. And pretty weird. And, of course, it sank like a stone. This record is damn near impossible to find.

Miss Jo Anne Lucas of Belknap Dr in Grand Rapids MI, if you are reading, I've tried to contact you about joining the P&G Fan Club, but I've gotten no response to date. C'mon, I'm beggin' you...

I gather McCartney (the Macca mensch himself) wrote a coupl'a tunes to help them out, under alias.
At the time he did that for almost everybody who asked him (he wrote tunes for the hotel bands when he was in the mood...)
Notwithstanding, I'm gonna check this rarity out.
Thanks tba.

What was really exciting was the opportunity you provided to grab the 3 TR Reed (Reverend Lane) albums, that rocked me off my feet...Huge thanks!
Who could ever forget - "of cabbages and kings" and its grand follow up "the ark" -or wasthat chad and jeremy? - I could never tell the diff - nice music for an afternoon smoking pot - alas the world has grow dark and terror stalks the boulevards instead of flowers

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