Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PLO returns!

Hampton Grease Band - Music To Eat

The Hampton Grease Band was one of a fistful of bands from the early '70's whose very reason for existing was the wackiness of the Mothers of Invention. Unlike most of these bands, somehow these lucky bastards wangled a major label deal. Of course, they turned in a biscuit so utterly unmarketable that it was the lowest seller ever (supposedly, anyway) that Columbia ever turned out of their music division.

The problem with these Zappa influenced bands is that they confuse absurdity with cleverness. There are points on here where you just want the singer to shut it. Especially when he's reading from the back of a spray can, or reciting the Halifax section of the encyclopedia. But forget about that for a minute.

What really makes this band, and what might take you a few spins to catch, is that the instrumental interplay is phenomenal. These guys can play their asses off. Listen closely to the shifts in time by the drummer, for instance. He's all over the place, without seeming forced.

If you dig the B/S records by Alice Cooper, give this a try. The song construction isn't as tight, but it more than makes up for it with instrumental prowess. Another NWW favorite.

I've seen some of the reup requests, and will try to get to them. I'll be a bit sparse for a while, though. Work, etc.

welcome back!
...and what a great album to come back with!..anyone anywhere know where to find their unreleased 2nd album that Warner Bros turned down??
Hi!!!!! Welcome!!!!
I didn't know that they actually recorded that. I'll see if I can find it, but I doubt it.
dude, could you repost the bill plummer & cosmic brotherhood? i need tat one, pleeeese!
!PLO IS DEAD! Join us at the new address:
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