Friday, December 01, 2006

Potty Mouthed Drunks!

Derek and Clive - Ad Nauseam

Derek and Clive are really Dudley Moore and Peter Cook (or is it Peter Cook and Dudley Moore). They made a string of these improv comedy records during the late 70's while Dudley got famous and Peter got drunk.

Of course, they are both drunk from the beginning of this record to the end (or at least faking it). The sketches on here are all gloriously filthy, whether they are talking about being raped by the school headmaster or calling a horserace.

A little of this goes a long way. You'll probably like it better if you listen a couple of tracks at a time. On the other hand, these make great additions into those mix CD's that you make for your friends at the holidays. Nothing says "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" like naughty drunken comedy.

thanks so much for this, tba- i've been wanting to hear this for a while, ever since I rented the "Beyond the Fringe" DVD a couple of months ago.
Jump, you fcuker, jump....

Cheers for this absolute gem!!

My first encounter with Derek and Clive was a tape I found when babysitting for this really nice suburban couple with three beautiful, smiley children. Being, I didn't know yet about this, frankly, public school institution. I got a video out a few days later to research a bit further and nearly killed myself when I finished with it. It must have been the last one they did, the mind games were very sick by then.
Being foreign, I meant to say.
I am listening to this right now and the suicidal feeling is returning.
hi - could you please re-up derek & clive ad nauseum as file link is dead in the water - cheers
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