Saturday, December 02, 2006

Re-up requests

Fred Lane:
Richard Pinhas:

God bless you for 'East West' !
You're good man.

Greetings from Poland

from marcus
thanx or fred lane!
(maybe i will be absent for a month...but i hope i will arrive to follow you the same way...)
Some info:

I'm a regular visitor from Laramie, Wyoming in the US. I really enjoy your musical posts. There's some wild stuff on here!

Are you planning on sticking with RapidShare? 'Cause I was thinking of plunking down some bucks to get better access to your downloads.
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Wow. What a list of comments! Poland likes PLO! Wyoming is in the house! I can make my penis grow!

Yes, I plan to stay with Rapidshare for the time being. I'm glad you've been digging my posts.
Hey Palestinian Light Orchestra yours is the first place I go for great music!

That East West by Pinhas is great, the sequencer sounds knock me out.

Any chance you can repost John Coltrane's Om. I missed it when you last posted it.

stay cool & peace
D from NOLA
New Orleans? Yeah, then I can probably get JC back up there. Gimme a few days.
Thanks so much for the update Palestinian Light Orchestra on the Coltrane Om. I look forward to it!

Yeah, I'm a fan of your blog from New Orleans.. Lots of fine enjoyment of music and listening explorations have come to me as a result of you and your blog.

D from NOLA
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