Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We've Moved!

Because of a glitch in my account when I switched over to the new version of Blogger, I mistakenly believed I'd never be able to get into this site again. So, I set up shop across town at a new site.

Goodbye, Palestinian Light Orchestra, hello Invisible Record Archive. Expect the IRA to continue the dangerous and groundbreaking work started by the PLO. Exposing the public to records that probably are best forgotten.

Thanks frequent visitors for making this site a success. Join us across town for more of the same.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007



For the guy in New Orleans who asked for a reup of OM by John C, it'll take me a few days. I seem to have not saved a digital copy of my vinyl burn. I'll reburn it, probably next weekend or so.


K-razy baby

Slim Gaillard - Laughing in Rhythm

I don't like jazz singers. I've made this rant before, but indulge me. Most of them are so mannered and schmaltzy that I want to vomit after 20 secs. And that Ella-lite scatting that most of them do - eeeeesh.

But there's a couple I can dig. Chet Baker, Patty Waters, Leon Thomas... Mostly, the ones I can stomach are the ones who throw out all that convention and go bonkers. Like Slim Gaillard here.

Slim invents his own syntax, and takes it to the frickin hilt. Lots of stuff about food, some words that didn't come from anywhere, and some flat out incomprehensible gibberish. And it all works. Some of it is fall-down funny.

This is a missing link to a lot of places. I'll bet Tom Waits has a Slim record or two. And probably Flavor Flav. Lord Buckley. If you can find where those three intersect, you'd probably find this record.

Note that there are at least a couple of budget releases with this title (the world of public domain can be like that). This is the single disc one on Verve.


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